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The Innovation and Materials Science Institute is a group of academic and business leaders coming from all major areas of the innovation economy - including sustainability, clean technology and energy efficiency / independence - who are focused on leveraging innovation as means to promote economic growth, with a concentration on materials science.
Ecosystem / Accelerator
  • Focus on developing pathways from concept to commercialization, with support that includes access to a deep materials-science knowledge base as well as established manufacturing assets.
  • Look for ways to form innovation ecosystems to stimulate cooperative ventures: bridging between disconnected parties; facilitating links between start-ups and established businesses; creating local consortia and forum...or hubs in a global network.
  • Encourage cooperation and the sharing of innovative ideas within the materials science space during pre-commercialization phases.
Asset Utilization
  • Strengthen relationships between organizations that have innovative concepts and/or prototypes and those that possess technical knowhow and manufacturing assets, all of which are necessary for successful business development.
  • Assist innovators in fi nding the best resources within the pool of IMSI members to move projects to successful commercialization.
Public Relations, Education and Communications
  • Discuss ways in which innovation - not just as discovery and invention, but also as the application of knowledge to create value - can work alongside globalization and rapid technology change to the benefit of society (i.e. how new knowledge creation and application can stimulate and attract new enterprise).
  • Work with think tanks and other organizations dedicated to promoting innovation and economic growth to determine the appropriate resources to enable successful delivery of innovative technology to the market.
  • Facilitate regular discussions to assess the state of innovation and successful paths to commercialization within the materials science domain. The focus will be on identifying untapped opportunities as well as overcoming any obstacles that may stand in the way.
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