Not only do KODAK All-in-One Printers feature the lowest average cost per page,4 we've made it incredibly simple to choose the replacement ink cartridge that's right for you.

Remember, this isn't "cheap ink." It's premium ink for less.

Ink Product Information

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Ink Savings Calculator

See how much money you can save when you switch to a KODAK Printer — featuring the lowest total ink replacement cost.

No Confusion — Easier Shopping

Shopping for ink couldn’t be simpler. With easy-to-identify packaging distinguishing color from black, standard size from XL, and cartridge series, we’ve taken the hassle out of replacing your ink.

No Confusion — Easier Choice

Shopping for ink couldn’t be simpler. It’s easy to shop for ink when you’re shopping with Kodak. Whether you need #10 series ink or #30, Kodak’s prominent ink system numbering reinforces printer compatibility, so you get the ink you need. And with easy-to-read labels distinguishing standard from XL, and color from black, shopping for ink is easier than ever.

Low Cost — Page Yield

Print all you want. Pay less for ink. KODAK Cartridges are priced smarter — and designed smarter, too. That’s because the printhead is part of your printer, not the cartridge, so you never throw away expensive technology.

Low Cost — Cost of Cartridge

Enjoy the lowest total ink replacement cost. Compare and see how Kodak’s total ink load costs are about half the industry average.

Low Cost — Cost Per Page

Print every page for less with Kodak. See how Kodak saves you nearly twice as much as other printers.

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