Frequently Asked Questions

Hey! Why can't I upload images?

Your Flash Player may be out of date. To update your Flash Player click here. If you are still unable to upload your image, please check your security settings. These could be preventing the Big App from working.

My image looks blurred when I print it out.

If your image doesn’t look very sharp it may be because it is low resolution. Scaling up your image to a large size will affect the quality of the image; if your image is low-res you won’t be able to scale it up to a very large size. To make your image look less blurry reduce the amount of pages you’re printing it onto or upload a higher resolution image.

What does ‘print full pages only’ mean?

If you select ‘print full pages only’ the app will crop your image so you won't end up with any pages that are only partially printed on.

There are white borders around my print outs

To fix this you need to print full page. In your printer settings select ‘no margins’ or ‘no borders’. Also check that you have the ‘Print full pages’ option selected when you scale the image.

Where does the app download to my computer?

The app itself is online so you will not need to download it. However you will need to be connected to the internet to use it.

In what order will my PDF print out?

PDF prints out in sequential order - please see Diagram below.