The Path

How do I get there?

The path to strategic advantage requires accelerated implementation of new strategy and supporting business ideas. Kodak has the experienced knowledge and delivery assets to help you realize the transformational business performance and bottom-line impact that you are seeking.


Consulting from Kodak delivers the knowledge to help identify and solve complex data, document and image intensive customer problems by leveraging decades of experience in multiple industries and segments. Kodak's consulting engagement model is designed to assist you in identifying the highest potential opportunities to pursue and determine the best way to achieve it.
We work with the senior executives and key stakeholders in your organization to introduce and develop ideas in one-on-one and in workshop settings. Together, we vet the merit of an idea and its potential impact on the performance and culture of the current state environment.
Through interview and observation of people, work processes and systems at all levels of the organization we develop the current state picture and its key drivers. Through this process the data collected validates assumptions about ideas, deliveries true insights about current policies and procedures, and assesses the ability for the organization to absorb change in a way that accelerates benefits acquisition.
Together with your executive team, Kodak takes learnings about the current state and develops the plan to support rapid implementation of business ideas. Recommendations encompass a broad spectrum of concepts that include
  • Adoption of best practices
  • Reengineered work processes
  • Incorporation of new technologies and platforms
  • Systems Integration with legacy line of business systems
  • Organization change management plans


Kodak's delivery model, teams, technology assets and process know-how help you to implement solutions on time, within budget and at minimal risk. The delivery model leverages Kodak's world class stage and gate methods that have been honed over a hundred years in delivering market leading products, technologies and services to market. Kodak's delivery teams encompass all the functional disciplines and expertise and work together with your project teams to develop solutions implementation plans.
  • Project Management
  • Process Engineers
  • Software & Database Engineers
  • Integration Engineers
  • Certified Technical Trainers
  • Operations Staff
Kodak's technology assets and process know are leveraged in solutions implementations and delivered as total in-house, outsourcing or as a combination of both business models to achieve the operational efficiency, enhanced productivity and business transformation you require.