Union Savings Bank better enables bank lines of business with outsourcing from Kodak

  • Banking
  • Goal was to streamline operations with the proper application of technology to help the operations and finance teams to do their jobs better.
  • Union Savings Bank was consolidating information access that serves multiple applications within the bank.
  • Customer signature cards, archived management reports, and other associated images were stored in a proprietary system and format and needed to be converted prior to eliminating the older system.
Services Provided by Kodak


  • Core banking systems applications and architecture
  • Legacy system database and file formats


  • Conversion filters for proprietary data and image formats
  • Standardized image file output with associated retrieval indices


  • Quality process control for management of critical customer data
  • Over 150 gigabytes-worth of information processed and imported into the new architecture
The Bottom Line
  • One view customer for all line of business functions within the bank that both enables superior customer service and provides insights for additional revenues.
  • Reduced cost through the elimination of legacy systems.
Kodak was selected because of its experience in the banking/financial industries.
"Kodak was a perfect fit. They knew exactly what we needed and knew how to manage the process for us. That added a lot of value to a time-sensitive project."
Dan Silva
System Manager
Union Savings Bank