Nagase & Co, Ltd. implements new contract management systems and control processes to improve security and enhance work efficiency with outsourcing services from Kodak

  • Capital Goods
  • Conventional contract management process exposes Nagase & Co to excessive revenue risk and cost in contract renewal, dispute resolution and audit business processes.
  • Inefficient document retrieval, control and reproduction work processes impacts sales, marketing and legal departments' ability to perform critical tasks with its more than 6,000 customers and suppliers.
Services Provided by Kodak


  • Contract management process re-engineering
  • Content management


  • Document and film based capture and data extraction technologies
  • Document archiving systems
  • Internet based retrieval platforms


  • Online contract management system delivered in ASP business model
  • Development of consolidated archives and conversion of existing contracts
  • Simple, secure browser-based access and image retrieval platform
The Bottom Line
  • Eliminated revenue and security risk through implementation of document control procedures and management processes.
  • Reduction in cost achieved through consolidation of three archives into one and elimination of manual retrieval and distribution processes.
Kodak was selected because of its imaging and information processing expertise and a legacy of providing streamlined, smart products and services to the banking/financial industries.
"Not only has contract management security improved, but also efficiency and cost reduction have been achieved."
Mr. Ken Terai
General Manager, Finance Department document stocks section
Nagase & Co, Ltd.