Los Alamos National Bank speeds access to information with help from Kodak

  • Banking
  • Los Alamos National Bank Loan and check product lines using incompatible systems.
  • Need to consolidate information access to better enhance customer service.
Services Provided by Kodak


  • Core banking systems applications and architecture
  • Legacy system database and file formats


  • Conversion filters for proprietary data and image formats
  • Standardized image file output with associated retrieval indices


  • Quality process control for management of critical customer data
  • Five years of checking account activity, 750,000 check images, and over 450,000 loan documents information processed and imported into the new architecture
The Bottom Line
  • One view customer for all line of business functions within the bank that both enables superior customer service and provides insights for additional revenues.
  • Reduced cost through the elimination of legacy systems ad training requirements.
Kodak was selected because of its experience in the banking/financial industries.
"I only need to support and train one system. It's far easier for bank employees to access loan files, check images, and statements via one system interface."
Cat (Catherine) Scarberry
Personal Computing Support Officer
Los Alamos National Bank