Worldwide shipping leader employs Kodak to automate mission-critical air waybill processing

  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Global logistics services client desires to reduce cost and build redundancy in support of its customs clearing process
  • Identifies air waybill processing as a key area for outsourcing
Services Provided by Kodak


  • Business process consulting
  • Data capture and acquisition


  • Document capture software and hardware
  • Outsourcing services


  • Operations center in China, staff of 250 at offsite location
  • Data capture for air waybills generated around the globe
The Bottom Line
  • Over 40% of this client’s air waybills processed by Kodak
  • Measurable time and cost savings via a variable-cost solution
  • Improved customer service, with enhanced service fulfillment efficiencies
  • Enhanced monitoring and reporting tools allow managers to effectively monitor operational status and drive efficiency
Kodak was chosen because of extensive data capture experience, a history of outstanding operational outsourcing, and the ability to scale and develop a highly productive operation within an aggressive time line.
“The quality of Kodak’s business process services is best in class. They have helped us improve our competitive edge in turnaround time, accuracy on air waybills data, and operational costs.”
International logistics
services corporation