Kodak's business processing outsourcing solutions for education improve scoring consistency and student response rates

  • Education
  • Geographically dispersed markers deliver inconsistent scoring and lost files
  • Poor document control standards lead to time delays for marker distribution and student response and also limit dispute resolution ability
  • The authority focuses on improving the integrity of examination scoring and student response processes
Services Provided by Kodak


  • Change management
  • Business process reengineering


  • Image, document and data capture processes and technologies
  • Internet-based retrieval and marking platform


  • Provide outsource service to automate and standardize exam capture, marking and review process across offices in multiple countries
  • Perform image and data integrity and scoring services
  • Online storage of image and data accessible through browser interface for markers
  • Management reporting through balanced scorecard
The Bottom Line
  • Eliminated issues with marking consistency
  • Improved student score response times
  • Improved support for dispute resolution
  • Improved document control standards
Kodak was selected for its imaging experience and expertise, robust understanding of examination authority business requirements, and its reputation in the education industry.
"Kodak outsourcing and consulting practice gave us the capabilities to meet our objectives of consistent test scoring and student response times."
Hong Kong Examinations and Assessments Authority