Overseas financial group automates credit card application process with outsourcing services from Kodak

  • Banking
  • Economic and competitive conditions cause client to evaluate how their current operating model fits with market opportunities
  • Client identifies the credit card product lines as potential areas for cost savings, increased revenues and customer satisfaction through streamlining of the business process
Services Provided by Kodak


  • Legacy bank credit card platforms and technologies
  • Card application process reengineering


  • Conversion filters for proprietary data and image formats
  • Capture and image processing processes and technologies
  • Internet-based retrieval platform


  • Seamlessly converted over 1,000 GB of images from legacy IBM AS/400 system
  • Performed capture of archival documents via outsourced digital imaging services
  • Provided online image and data hosting for credit underwriting and customer service via "pay-The Bottom Line per-use" model
The Bottom Line
  • Credit card application process cycle time was reduced from six days to two. New credit cards get into the hands of consumers four days sooner, enabling increased revenues and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced cost through elimination of legacy systems and associated maintenance and floor space.
  • Variable cost model through outsourcing has improved system cost management.
  • Better, more reliable business continuity and disaster recovery for important bank assets.
Kodak was selected because of its broad experience in the banking and financial industries, solid understanding of the credit card application, and unique imaging and data processing capabilities that leverage its outsourcing business model.
"Outsourcing to Kodak has resulted in shorter turnaround times for processing and achieved cost-reduction targets through elimination of the fixed cost of hardware and office space for the document volume fluctuation."
Vice President, O&T
Financial Services Group