Success Stories

A great number of organizations worldwide have partnered with Kodak to achieve operational efficiency, enhanced productivity and business transformation. We invite you to see for yourself.

Industry Region Success Story
Banking Asia-Pacific Global bank transforms back-office operations
Transportation Asia-Pacific Worldwide shipping leader employs Kodak to automate mission-critical air waybill processing
Government U.S. Okaloosa County offers total online access to its public records archive, thanks to Kodak
Banking U.S. Cavalry Banking seamlessly transforms back office platforms with the help of Kodak
Education Japan Kansai Gaidai University transforms certificate issuance and student registry archival processes with outsourcing services from Kodak
Capital Goods Japan Nagase & Co, Ltd. implements new contract management systems and control processes to improve security and enhance work efficiency with outsourcing services from Kodak
Banking Asia-Pacific Overseas financial group automates credit card application process with outsourcing services from Kodak
Insurance Asia-Pacific Kodak’s business outsourcing solutions for policies and claims allow this insurance and financial services organization to improve customer service and internal audit processes, grow their business and cut costs
Banking U.S. Los Alamos National Bank speeds access to information with help from Kodak
Banking U.S. Union Savings Bank better enables bank lines of business with outsourcing from Kodak
Education Asia-Pacific Kodak's business processing outsourcing solutions for education improve scoring consistency and student response rates