In an industry as highly competitive as insurance, leading companies must seek ways to sustain value through innovation and efficiency in its business processes while at the same time maintaining compliance with ever-changing statutory, federal and international regulations. Insurers of all disciplines (Life, Property and Casualty, and Health), must focus on promoting “ease of use” and creating a consistent customer experience to promote customer acquisition and retention.

A key enabler of this strategy requires a laser focus on increasing work automation, process and operational efficiencies and continuous improvement. Building consistent processes that can be leveraged across products and lines of business, as well as utilizing information lifecycle management effectively, enables providers to achieve growth and remain competitive in price-driven markets.

For decades Kodak has helped leading insurance institutions of all kinds create advantages in many processes that support competitive positioning in the market. We've served to automate claims and policy administration processes that enable higher degrees of customer satisfaction while driving out cost. In an industry so highly regulated we've helped companies demonstrate transparency of operations, and maintain records of transactions that enable them to effectively mitigate and manage regulatory reviews, fines and penalties.

Kodak's deep experience in delivering automation though advanced technologies, products and services gives us a unique perspective on how images and information can be leveraged to help insurance companies achieve its goals. And we're ready to put this foundation of expertise to work for you.