Increasing outpatient volumes, competitive pressures and new government regulations are bringing rapid, revolutionary changes to the healthcare industry. Industry participants are being forced to reevaluate and change current business and operating models while continuing to deliver quality services that patients require. All while managing malpractice liability risks.

Kodak understands the challenges the industry faces and recognizes that patient health and industry profitability depends on the quick and efficient delivery of images and information. For decades Kodak has helped industry participants automate and streamline the processes by which they operate through technology, process reengineering and services.

  • Kodak helps streamline registration processes through the capture of various documentation including ID and insurance cards, consent forms, privacy notice acknowledgements, Advance Beneficiary Notices (ABNs), Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) forms and more, ensuring patient satisfaction and automating the revenue cycle.
  • Kodak helps healthcare professionals manage millions of records that give medical staff access to surgical records, patient histories and follow-up documents that sometimes occurred 15-20 years before, ensuring high quality services are rendered and safeguarding against medical errors.
  • Kodak is at work in the back office, helping to automate processes in medical claims, billing and accounting departments to operate more efficiently, with reduced error and cost, and at the same time ensuring regulatory compliance is achieved.

Kodak's deep experience in delivering advanced technologies, products and services to the healthcare industry gives us a unique perspective on how images and information can be leveraged to help. And we're ready to put this foundation of expertise to work for you.