Citizens rely on government to generate quality of life through the functions and services it provides with the goals of speed, transparency and fiscal responsibility. Indeed, in today's digital government environment the delivery benchmark for government initiatives are constantly being driven higher and the flow and speed with which services are carried out reflect greatly on an elected official's ability to manage and deliver on his or her promises.

For over sixty years Kodak has been at work in government at the local, state and federal levels. Many federal agencies, from Social Security and the IRS to the U.S. armed forces, use Kodak's software development outsourcing and other solutions to protect the public's investment in information. All 50 states utilize Kodak technology to automate applications such as motor vehicle titles, registration, permits and licenses, taxation and financial administration. County clerks offices manage court records, deeds, mortgages and other vital records with Kodak, including birth, marriage, divorce and death records. Cities throughout the US and abroad leverage Kodak solutions in departments such as police, health agencies and social services.

Kodak's deep experience in delivering advanced technologies, products and services gives us a unique perspective on how images and information can be leveraged to help government foster a more positive image and achieve its goals. And we're ready to put this foundation of expertise to work for you.