Maintaining customer satisfaction is the key to survival in today's business world. Your profitability lies in their continued patronage across product lines and your ability to attract and retain new commercial or retail customers is a function of the brand equity you've built with them. You need ways to cement relationships with responsive customer service.

That's where Kodak's application expertise, products, services and technologies for business process outsourcing, storage and retrieval, can help. We understand the urgency when a depositor needs to verify a transaction or when a customer inquiry requires immediate access to loan or investment documentation. And we know the earlier you put marketing documentation in to a potential customer's hands, the more likely he or she is to invest in your product.

Kodak's perspective on the evolution and transformation of operations is based on almost 80 years of experience in the banking industry. It includes transaction and application processing, statement generation, and document management, which enable superior service delivery.

In fact, Kodak launched the business imaging industry by inventing a proof of deposit solution for a banker back in 1928. Since then we've teamed up with banks to develop other systems and breakthrough innovations to help them reach their business objectives such as security, cost containment and enhanced customer service. We're ready to put this foundation of expertise to work for you and your customers too.