Industries Served

Kodak understands the needs of your business or organization. There are daily challenges that hinder efficiency, as well as larger forces—like the ups and downs of the economy—that require solutions tailored to your exact needs. Kodak has the experience and expertise to help.


Maintaining customer satisfaction is the key to survival in today's business world. Kodak's 80 years of experience in the banking industry includes transaction and application processing, statement generation, and document management, which enable superior service delivery.


Today's educational institutions are challenged with decreased funding and changing expectations. More work has to be done with fewer resources. For decades Kodak has helped leading educational institutions stay competitive and deliver on their student experience promises with cost-effective process reengineering and automation.


For over 60 years Kodak has been at work in government at the local, state and federal levels. Kodak's deep experience in delivering advanced technologies, products and services gives us a unique perspective on how images and information can be leveraged to help government foster a more positive image and achieve its goals of speed, transparency and fiscal responsibility.


Kodak understands the challenges the healthcare industry faces and recognizes that patient health and industry profitability depends on the quick and efficient delivery of images and information. For decades Kodak has helped industry participants automate and streamline the processes by which they operate through technology, process reengineering and services.


In an industry so highly regulated we've helped insurance companies demonstrate transparency of operations, and maintain records of transactions that enable them to effectively mitigate and manage regulatory reviews, fines and penalties, while enabling high degrees of customer satisfaction.


Attaining business practice and process flexibility is critical to the success of retailers. Kodak has helped retail companies of all sizes with a customized business process, from automating cash flow through improved payments and invoice processing to helping to manage sales, service and bookkeeping records that enable compliance.


The transportation industry constantly faces a staggering array of issues which affect business profitability. This creates a challenge to cut costs while maintaining and improving service levels. Kodak has had decades of experience moving information though images and data to support the needs of the industry through automating business processes and more.


For years Kodak has been at work in the electricity, gas and water utility industry. We provide automation through tools technology and business process reengineering that better enables you to meet the demands of your most important stakeholders and help create operational efficiencies.