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Kodak provides a strategic advantage by streamlining imaging information and data intensive business processes through automation, transforming business operations to more efficient models and creating greater business performance and transparency with reduced risk.

Process-Centric Back-Office Transformation

By driving back-office efficiency, banks and other financial institutions seek to lower expenses and reduce business opportunity costs by being more responsive to market dynamics. However, if the underlying processes are flawed, the conventional approach of making incremental changes and adding automation will not deliver the maximum possible benefits.
For successful change that's truly transformational, Kodak—based on nearly two decades as a provider of business process services—advocates following a disciplined, change management approach that reexamines fundamental operating models. Often, a unified capture strategy combined with a reengineered process delivers efficiencies and a clearer focus on customer information that can drive retention and new business.

Government Records Modernization

Citizens look to government to maintain documentation that supports the legal certainty of their properties and businesses. Governments can improve public registry services by streamlining procedures and services as part of modernization. The best strategy must also encompass legacy records that may be stored on a variety of media—including paper—in a variety of formats. In decades of working with government records, Kodak has identified fundamental principles for making modernization more affordable and less disruptive.
A civil and orderly society depends on public records to maintain the rights of its citizens. Property records provide legal evidence of transfers and ownership claims on tangible assets. Vital records document major life events, such as birth, marriage, divorce and death. Other records, such as permit and license applications, vehicle registrations, criminal records and tax receipts, provide verification of interactions between citizens and government authorities.

Accelerating Product Time to Market

For consumer goods product companies, accelerating the time to market for new products is a strategic imperative. Often, the packaging design and development process appears to be a bottleneck for achieving this objective. In reality, the challenge exists in the numerous activities that provide label content and information—including marketing promotions, product specifications, artwork, ingredients labeling, compliance, bar-coding and branding—which all come together during package design and development.
Typically, these upstream processes fall outside the control of the packaging function. By redefining the ways in which these functions interact with packaging, consumer goods product companies can reduce time to market of a product, accelerate revenue realization and reduce product and package development costs.

Driving Asset Value Through Back-Office Integration

Despite the turmoil of the world economy, profitability and growth continue to be long-term goals throughout the banking industry. Product innovation, cost efficiency improvements, and merger and acquisition activities all offer opportunities for achieving these goals. In many cases, these strategies will require that customer data be converted from one or more system formats to a single, centralized format in order to rationalize product lines, consolidate back offices, and merge bank operations.
The timeliness and smoothness of a data conversion project will impact the success of the back-office integration it supports. The conversion process itself is not simple and should not be taken for granted. The solution requires the proper domain knowledge, technology platforms, and process capabilities to integrate seamlessly with the larger objectives of the bank and proceed without straining internal resources. Kodak offers a proven project management methodology that aligns with banks' integration activities and enables the use of customer data faster and more easily than the alternatives.