Retailers are looking to generate top-line growth, accelerate time to market and maximize profitability. KODAK Solutions for Business helps retailers manage information, processes, and decisions throughout the product lifecycle to generate top line growth to maximize product profitability and optimize operations.
KODAK Solutions for Business Retail practice helps companies:
  • Develop marketing strategies that balance technology and process to deliver the right message to the right customer in the right channel with speed and at scale
  • Reduce cycle times, drive down costs, and accelerate private-label products to market by integrating information and optimizing workflows.
  • Outperform competitors without compromising gross margin by improving the quality of private-label packaging.
  • Improve cross-channel consistency while reducing collateral costs by integrating market assets and content.
  • Protect brand equity and mitigate risks by aligning brand protection strategies with process, supply chain, and store requirements.
Get the tools and insight retailers need to increase speed to market. Enhance efficiency. Simplify the marketing process. And establish the brand.
White Papers:

Brand Content Management
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