Consumer Packaged Goods
Most consumer packaged goods organizations are constantly seeking better ways to manage profitability by optimizing the marketing value chain. Kodak helps global CPG organizations market, manage, protect, and grow their brands through capabilities and technologies that deliver speed to market, operational efficiency, and increased profitability. What they've found is an experienced provider of business solutions and technology with the expertise to help them improve visibility and collaboration, customize brand protection strategies, and maximize return on investment.
KODAK Solutions for Business Consumer Packaged Goods practice helps companies:
  • Increase the impact of marketing efforts while reducing agency costs by efficiently managing and delivering highly targeted, relevant messages to specific audience segments.
  • Reduce cycle times, drive down costs, and accelerate products to market by integrating information and optimizing workflows.
  • Speed up FDA approvals while reducing legal and regulatory exposure by standardizing review processes, audit trails, and claims.
  • Outperform competitors without compromising gross margin by improving the speed to market and accuracy of packaging.
  • Improve the management and timeliness of marketing assets while reducing costs by integrating assets and content.
  • Protect brand equity and mitigate risks by aligning brand protection strategies with process and supply chain.
Get the tools and insight consumer packaged goods organizations need to increase speed to market. Enhance efficiency. Simplify the marketing process. And establish the brand.
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