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TWAIN Data Source V2.10

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Module Platform File Size Date Download File
RFS 3600 Twain v2.10 WINDOWS 15.7 MB June 2002 dd1282.exe
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NOTE: KODAK PROFESSIONAL requires users to download the latest version of firmware if they use the new host computer software.

New Features

The new features are too numerous to list on this webpage. All the new features of the Version 2.10 software are explained in the User's Manual Addendum.


Hardware System Support

The KODAK RFS 3600 TWAIN Data Source is supported on Microsoft's 32-bit Windows/Intel x86 or compatible PCs with the following minimum system requirements:

  • 300 MHz Pentium
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 200 MB of free disk space

Operating System Support

The KODAK RFS 3600 TWAIN Data Source has been tested on systems using the following Microsoft Operating Systems:

  • WINDOWS 98 Second Edition (SCSI and USB)
  • WINDOWS NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 (SCSI only)
  • WINDOWS 2000 (USB Only)
    Note Windows 2000 Users: If you have administrator rights on your WINDOWS 2000 PC, you may install and operate this TWAIN Data Source when you are logged on using your system account. If your Windows 2000 account is a Power User account, your system administrator must install the RFS 3600 TWAIN Data Source software. Then, your administrator must change your account and give you "Modify" privileges to the folder: <winroot>\twain_32\KFILM

    Note WINDOWS XP Professional Users: Your System Administrator must install the software and connect the scanner. The Administrator may use the XP Professional Upgrade, New or Full Installation option. After the New Hardware Wizard has completed its procedure, a common User may log on and run the RFS 3600 software.

  • WINDOWS XP Home Edition (USB only)
    Note WINDOWS XP Home Edition: Your system must have a New Installation (option on the WINDOWS XP Upgrade Version CD-ROM) or a Full Installation (WINDOWS XP Full Version CD-ROM).

Installation Information

You must INSTALL THIS SOFTWARE FIRST, before connecting your RFS 3600 film scanner to your PC System. This should be done whether you will be using the USB or the SCSI interface.

It is recommended that you uninstall any previous versions of The KODAK RFS 3600 TWAIN Data Source before installing this new version. To uninstall a previous version, click Start/Settings/Control Panel, then double click Add/Remove Programs. On the Add/Remove Programs Properties dialog, Install/Uninstall tab, select the previous version of the KODAK RFS 3600 TWAIN Data Source, then click the Add/Remove button.

To install the KODAK RFS 3600 TWAIN Data Source, navigate on your computer's hard drive to the location where you downloaded the file from the Kodak Web site. Double click the file and then you will be prompted for a location to save the expanded files. For example, save to location C:\Kodak. The default location will be C:\Temp.

Next, in folder you saved the expanded files, you will find the structure: ..\RFS 3600 SW INSTALLER\DISK_1. Inside the DISK_1 folder, double click the Setup.exe Icon.

If you have a previous version of the RFS 3600 Film Scanner TWAIN Data Source, a message will appear telling you the older TWAIN must be removed before the new TWAIN can be installed. Click OK and the removal process will execute.

Once the old TWAIN is removed, the installation of the new TWAIN will launch automatically. If it does not, double click the setup.exe icon again. When the installation screens for the new TWAIN appears, follow the directions on the screens.

If the installation files are copied to a network drive, the installation may fail with the message "The parameter is incorrect." if the network path to the installation directory is too long. This problem can be resolved by moving the installation directory to a location with a shorter network path.

Issues Addressed From Previous Version


Known Issues and Workarounds

None known at this time.

ReadMe File

   TWAIN ReadMe [HTML Format]

NOTE: A printable ReadMe file is provided with the download software.

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