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Acquire Module Version 2.10 ReadMe


Version 2.10 for Macintosh Systems

March, 2002


Hardware System Support

The Kodak Professional RFS 3600 Acquire Module is supported on Macintosh systems that meet or exceed the following minimum requirements:

  • 300MHz PowerPC processor
  • 80MB to 100MB of RAM allocated to Photoshop
  • 200 MB of free disk space
  • One or both of the following interfaces:
    - SCSI
    - USB

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Operating System Support

The KODAK PROFESSIONAL RFS 3600 Acquire Module requires Mac OS 8.5.1 or higher. If you plan to connect your scanner to your computer using USB, Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x is required. A Power MACINTOSH G3 running MACINTOSH OS 8.6 or later is highly recommended. Important: The KODAK PROFESSIONAL RFS 3600 Acquire Module is not Mac OS X compatible.

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Photoshop Support

The RFS 3600 Acquire Module is an ADOBE PHOTOSHOP plug-in and is compatible with ADOBE PHOTOSHOP versions 5.0 , 5.5 and 6.0. The RFS 3600 Acquire Module is also compatible with ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LE, version 5.0 and ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 1.0. If you have less than 1 GB of DRAM, do not allocate more than 100 MB of RAM to your ADOBE application (to check and allocate memory, click on the application's icon and perform the Command+I keystroke). Allocating more RAM will cause memory errors when you are running the RFS 3600 Film Scanner Acquire Module and attempting to scan images into the application. If you have more than 1 GB of DRAM in your MACINTOSH, allocate 900 MB to ADOBE PHOTOSHOP.

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Contents of the Download

The following files should be on your MACINTOSH after the download is uncompressed:

  • Installation software for the RFS 3600 Acquire Module
  • Film Terms
  • ICC Profiles
  • license.txt (License file)
  • ReadMe

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You must install this software first, before connecting your RFS 3600 film scanner to your Macintosh. This should be done whether you will be using the USB or the SCSI interface.

After the software installation is completed, you MUST "Restart" your Macintosh as directed by the installer.

Double click the installer file from the download and installation will begin. During installation, the installer will check your computer for for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LE and PHOTOSHOP Elements. If you have more than one of the applications installed, you will be prompted to select one of them as the destination for the RFS 3600 Acquire Module. You could select the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP:Import/Export, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LE:Import/Export or the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS:Import/Export folder as your destination. A new plug-in named "Kodak RFS 3600" will be created inside the selected Import/Export folder. If you want to use the RFS 3600 software with more than one ADOBE software package, make a copy of the RFS 3600 plug-in and place it in the additional Import/Export folders.

Some non-English versions of Photoshop do not name these plug-in folders Import/Export. We suggest you temporarily rename the folders to Import/Export for the software installation. After the installation is complete, change their names back to their non-English names.

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New Features

Your RFS 3600 Film Scanner must have firmware Version 1.34 installed before the new software may be used. You may obtain an updated firmware file from www.kodak.com; see the RFS 3600 User's Manual for the film scanner's firmware upgrade procedure.

Note: Review the User's Manual Addendum which is available on www.kodak.com. All the new features of the Version 2.10 software are explained in the Addendum. The new features are too numerous to list in this ReadMe.

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Corrected Issues


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Unsupported Features

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Actions are not available within any Acquire Module dialog, including the KODAK RFS 3600 Acquire Module user interface.

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Functional Clarifications

Updates/Corrections to your non-English language RFS 3600 Film Scanner User's Manual

  1. Page 15, step 4 - Your scanner was shipped with two power cords, not two power plugs.
  2. Page 32 and other pages - The Green check mark button is now referred to as the Exit button.
  3. Page 28 - The drawing showing the insertion of a mounted slide into the scanner is wrong. The slide should be inserted with the film frame's long dimension at the top.
  4. Page 33, step 4 and page 65 - Here is a clearer explanation of the difference between the 8-Bit and 12-Bit modes: Set Color Depth by choosing either 8-Bit or 12-Bit per channel from the Color Depth drop-down list. With either setting, the scanner performs a 12-bit prescan or scan. However, the setting you choose determines how much data is then transferred from the scanner to the TWAIN Data Source. With 12-Bit selected, the full 12 bits of data per pixel are transferred. With 8-Bit selected, only 8 bits are transferred. Transferring less data (8 bits) requires less time; however, transferring more data (12 bits) means the data reaching the TWAIN Data Source will provide higher quality results. Even if you select 8-Bit, the data are expanded to 12-bit once it is transferred to the host software. Therefore with either choice (8-Bit or 12-Bit), further image processing in the host software is done in 12-bit mode. Finally, with either choice, when the data is moved into ADOBE PHOTOSHOP by the host software, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP converts the data into a single 8-bit byte-per pixel.
  5. Page 34, step C - change to: If the frame is not centered properly in the scan position, tap the Reverse or Forward buttons...
  6. Page 40 - change to: If you prescan when the Film Type is set to Reversal, the SBA is not applied by default and the button remains off (up). However, by selecting the SBA button, you can activate the SBA.
  7. Page 44, step 6: Set the channel to All, or separately to Red, Green, or Blue;
  8. Page 44, step 8 - change to: If necessary, click the Reset button to undo all color adjustments made to the image during this visit to this tab.
  9. Page 53 - change the first sentence on the page to: you must apply these features to the image in that window and not in the preview image or the After image beneath.
  10. Page 55, Auto Focus Slide topic - The total range of the slide focus position may be an integer from 1 to 40. Thin slide mounts may use this entire range. However, thicker slide mounts will have a smaller manual focus range.
  11. Page 61, Exit button topic- change to: If you click Exit to close the host software after you have prescanned frames but have not performed a final scan on all of those frames, a confirmation box is displayed.
  12. Page 65, Profiles (Monitor and Depth) topic: If your desired output color space is not listed, choose KODAK sRGB_Display.
  13. Page 72, the Save Scan Profiles function has been changed to a Manage Scan Profiles system.
  14. Page 78, fifth paragraph - When multiple frames are selected, the values displayed on the screen are those for the frame shown in the image area.
  15. Page 88, section titled: "Images scanned from slides are not focused properly." Add: The assumption is made that the camera was properly focused when it capture the image.
  16. Page 90, first message explanation: You have used improper characters in the scan profile filename. Try again with a filename that meets requirements for your operating system.
  17. Page 90, dpi error message, it should read: The Scan Resolution will be set to 3600dpi/72dpi...
  18. Page 92, output resolution error message, change to: The output resolution you have entered is not within the range of the Host software.
  19. Page 92 - ICC profile error message, change to: There is a problem with the ICC profile. If the file was installed with the host software, quit ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, then run the installation program again, and click Repair. Try the host software again. If the same problem occurs, quit ADOBE PHOTOSHOP again. Run the installation program, but this time click Remove. Then run the installation program again. This reinstalls the host software. Try the host software again. If you obtained the file from another source, such as through a download from the Web, obtain and reinstall a fresh copy of that file.
  20. Page 96, shipping instruction - your Kodak Service Representative will instruct you on what should be returned with your scanner.
  21. Page 100, Scanner Software Specifications, Color Depth, change to: Selectable between 8-bits and 12-bits per channel (image processing is always performed in 12-bit data space and output is in 8-bit)
  22. Page 101, Scanner Software Specifications, Scan File Size, change to: Approximately 50 megabytes (MB) for 8-bit scans on full 35mm frames at 3600 dpi input resolution.
  23. Page 103, Scanner Software Specifications, Prescan section, change to: To perform an initial 300 dpi scan of a frame resulting in a thumbnail, as well as a larger version of the image,...

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Functional Limitations

None at this time.

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Known Bugs

  1. There is a problem with the RFS 3600 Acquire Module and ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 6.0. Sometimes when clicking on an Acquire Module dropdown box, a ADOBE PHOTOSHOP menu or toolbox appears. Clicking off the dropdown box and then clicking on it again will dismiss the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP item. This is a known bug we are working on.

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SCSI Information

You may experience improved RFS 3600 Film Scanner performance if the film scanner is the only device on the SCSI chain.

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USB Information

If you are using the RFS 3600 Film Scanner, you may find your computer does not find the film scanner when the scanner is turned on. In this case, we suggest you reboot your computer, with the film scanner turned on and the USB cable connected between the scanner and your computer.

See the User's Manual Addendum, available from www.kodak.com, for more information regarding USB connectivity.

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Do not use a RFS 3600 Film Scanner programmed with the new firmware version 1.34 with the older ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Acquire Module software versions 1.20, 1.10 or 1.00.

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Contacting Eastman Kodak Company

For technical assistance in the United States call

  • 1-800-CD-KODAK (1-800-235-6325)

For technical assistance in Canada call

  • 1-800-GO-KODAK (1-800-465-6325)

Or visit our Web site at http://www.kodak.com/go/professional.

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Additional Product Acknowledgements

This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.

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