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Film Term ReadMe


June, 2002


Note to Users Adding these Film Terms

Follow the installation instructions below to install these film terms.

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What's New in this Download

The film terms included with the download package are for Kodak Royal Gold 100-3,200-3 and 400-4, Kodak Max 400, Kodak Portra 400 Black and White, Kodak Dental Negative and Kodak Dental Slide film. Also, we have included film terms for generic color negative, generic black and white and generic slide films.

The Royal Gold film terms, 100-2, 200-3 and 400-4, are for the latest generation of Kodak Royal Gold color negative film. The number of the film term is the number you will find on the edge of your negative strip.

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Compatible RFS 3600 Film Scanner Host Software

Use these new film terms with the KODAK PROFESSIONAL RFS 3600 Film Scanner Acquire Module or the KODAK PROFESSIONAL RFS 3600 Film Scanner TWAIN Data Source, version 2.10 or later. To use the version 2.10 software, your film scanner must have version 1.34 firmware installed. Use the links at the top right of this page to obtain all of this software and firmware.

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Known Issues


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Film Term Installation Instructions

Quit or Exit ADOBE PHOTOSHOP if it is running.

Download to a folder on your computer's hard drive either the WINDOWS compressed file or the MACINTOSH compressed file. Navigate to this folder and double-click the file you downloaded. The file is self-extracting; when prompted, choose a location to save the uncompressed files. Navigate to the location you chose and you will find 11 files:

  • DPF-12.ft (Kodak Dental Print film term, color negative)
  • DSF-12.ft (Kodak Dental Slide film term, color reversal)
  • Max 400.ft (Kodak Max 400 film term, color negative)
  • Portra 400BW.ft (Kodak Portra 400 film term, black and white negative)
  • Royal Gold 100-3 (Kodak Royal Gold 100 film term, color negative)
  • Royal Gold 200-3 (Kodak Royal Gold 2100 film term, color negative)
  • Royal Gold 400-4 (Kodak Royal Gold 100 film term, color negative)
  • Generic B&W.ft (Generic black and white negative film term)
  • Generic neg.ft (Generic color negative film term)
  • Generic slide.ft (Generic color reversal film term)
  • RFS3600FilmTermReadMe.txt (a text only copy of this readme file)

Select the ten film term files (*.ft) and copy them into the RFS 3600 Film Scanner film term folder.

Windows Machines
On Windows machines, copy the ten files into the folder:
<winroot\twain_32\kfilm\gamma> where "winroot" refers to the root Windows directory on your PC´s hard drive.

Macintosh Machines
On Macintosh systems, copy the ten files into the Film Term folder that is located inside your RFS 3600 software folder. Most likely the software folder is named RFS 3600. Start Adobe Photoshop and then start the RFS 3600 software. You will find the new film terms in the film term drop down listings.

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RFS 3600 Film Scanner Film Terms Available on the World Wide Web

As new RFS 3600 film terms become available, they will be placed on our Web site.

For additional information, refer to the RFS 3600 Acquire Module ReadMe or the RFS 3600 TWAIN Data Source ReadMe.

All trademarks and product names in this document are the property of their respective owners.

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