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HR 500 Film Scanner
   •  TWAIN Data Source V3.2 Last Update: September, 2002
   •  ICC Color Profiles Last Update: September, 2002
   •  Film Terms Last Update: May, 2005
   •  SAM Diagnostic Software V5.201
   •  HR Scanner Firmware V5.201
  • DP2 V5.0.x and higher
  • TWAIN Data Source (any version)
  • HR Scanning Software V4.2.X and higher
   •  Auto Frame Detection Software V3.3.0.1 Release Notes:
  • Uses KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Print Production Software (DP2) V8.0 code libraries for compatibility with DP2 V8.0 scanner support files.
  • Adds the ability to set the next sequence number for an image.
  • Next Roll & Next Frame commands automatically change to manual mode to eliminate seeking a frame before scanning.
  • Fixes an incorrect zero-padding display in the order, roll, and frame boxes in the status bar window. The correct zero padding now appears when you select a new configuration set with a different zero padding than the previous configuration set.


  • Be sure to read and follow the installation instructions.
  • The Firmware is downloaded to the HR film scanner. SAM Diagnostic Software is installed on the Host Computer and provides diagnostics and access to scanner log files. Please follow the installation instructions for the two software files carefully.
  • HR Scanner Firmware 5.201 corrects problems calibrating and focusing on dark (high density) images. The problem affected Firmware version 5.2 only. Older versions of HR Scanner Firmware did not have this problem.