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KODAK Network Interface Card
Software Downloads


Software provided for Network Interface Cards is ONLY pertinent for changing network related configuration parameters from defaults. Printer drivers and export modules for setting up printers on user workstations and servers are available on our Dye Sub Printer Drivers page.

* KODAK 10/100 8660/8670 PS Network Interface
 - KODAK PROFESSIONAL 8670 PS Thermal Printer
 - KODAK PROFESSIONAL 8660 Thermal Printer

* KODAK 10/100 Network Interface
   - KODAK XLS 8400 PS Printer
   - KODAK XLS 8600/8600 PS Color Printers
   - KODAK XLS 8650/8650 PS Color Printers
   - KODAK PROFESSIONAL 8657 Thermal Printer
* KODAK 10 Mbit Ethernet Network Interface (Discontinued)
The KODAK 10/100 Network Interface is a replacement and/or upgrade for this interface.