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Improved KODAK CMS Transforms for use with Photo CD discs

About the Software

The following transforms should be used on APPLE Macintosh or MICROSOFT Windows systems where an application using the KODAK Color Management System has been installed, such as ADOBE Photoshop software.

These transforms provide the most recent input conversion from KODAK Photo CD discs resulting in significantly improved quality. Further, the new PCD 4050 E-6 and K-14 transforms are critical to use when receiving Photo CD discs scanned with the latest improvements to the Pro Photo CD scanner due to the Enhanced Data Path upgrade.

These scanner improvements allow for noticeably improved detail in the shadows along with improvements in color reproduction of reversal film images.

Transforms included in the installer package:

  • Color Negative
  • Universal E-6
  • Universal K-14
  • PCD 4050 E-6
  • PCD 4050 K-14

After expanding the bin-hexed, self extracting archive, check the read-me for installation procedures.

WINDOWS Download instructions:

  1. Save the file dd0252.exe in a new directory on your C drive.
  2. From the DOS prompt, "cd" into the new directory,
  3. Type the following: dd0252.exe -d
    This will expand the archive while retaining sub-directories.
  4. Once the file is expanded, you can double-click on the setup.exe file to start the installer. The installer will NOT work unless sub-directories are retained during the expansion of the file.
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DOWNLOAD Improved KODAK CMS Transforms: