DCS Firmware ReadMe

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DCS3xxa.BIN Version 3.0.10
January 10, 2000

This firmware supports the following:

**Warning** This version of firmware has been developed for, and can be used only in, the DCS 330 digital camera, and cannot be loaded into the DCS 315 camera. DCS 315 users should continue to use firmware version 1.3.2, which is available on the World Wide Web.

The following information is available in this ReadMe file:

Note To Users

This version of firmware brings a new look and feel to the camera's User Interface (UI). In addition to many new features, it offers easier and more efficient access to many key functions, better organization of the Main Menu, Properties Settings and Custom Functions, and allows room for addition of future features.

If you're familiar with previous firmware versions, you may find the new UI to be slightly different. Our extensive customer research, which assessed the impact on users migrating from previous firmware versions, indicates you should allow a reasonable amount of time to adjust to the new UI's features. Beta testing has provided extremely positive feedback once users have familiarized themselves with the UI.

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New Features

  • A redesigned, more efficient User Interface which features Dropdown menus.
    Use the Dropdown Menu Lag to adjust Menu dropdown delay as needed. You my find this helpful as you become familiar with the new UI.
  • Dual Card Support
    Increases storage capacity by allowing you to use two storage cards inside in the camera. (See Memory Card Compatibility for more information).
  • Custom White Balance
    Both the in-camera Custom White Balance and the Custom White Balance options can be accessed directly from the White Balance menu. When selecting the Custom White Balance option, releasing the Select button displays the "Use image?" screen. This screen will allow you to apply Custom White Balance off a subject (often a 18% Grey card). Choosing the "Option" button on this screen will allow the user to load a Host Software White Balance file from a storage card into the camera's memory. The camera's memory will hold up to 10 White Balance files created with DCS Host Software, allowing the user to select among them until they are deleted from the camera's memory. Please refer to the DCS Host Software user manual PDF file for further information on creating Custom White Balance files to the Kodak DCS cameras.
  • Image processing options.
    Post capture image processing can now be done by the DCS Host Software without compromising your valuable Lossless original Raw Tiff files. In addition to saving processed files, users can now choose to automatically save or delete the original Raw files following processing. See DCS Host Software User Guide for more information on finished file processing using the DCS Host Software.
  • In-Camera Processing Options:
    • Processing Off
    • Tagged Images
    • All in Folder
    • All on card
  • In-Camera Processing Settings:
 Save Original Tiffs:Yes (default), No
 File Type:JPG Best, JPG Better, JPG Good, TIFF RGB (lossless)
 Spatial Resolution:100%, 67%, 50%
 Noise Reduction:Yes, No
 Sharpening Level:None, High, Medium, Low
 Look:Product, Portrait.
 Exposure Adjustment:Yes, No
  • Post-Capture Manual +/- EV compensation.
    Using version 3.0.10 firmware in conjunction with DCS Host Software V5.8.2 allows users to adjust +/-EV compensation to images after they have been captured. (Refer to the Host Software User Guide to for more information).
  • Recover (deleted images)
    The new Recover feature can only be used with cards which have first been formatted in the camera using the Quick or Full Format feature. After a Recover has been performed on a storage card a recover folder is created containing the recovered images. The recovered images should be immediately saved to another storage device, such as a computer hard drive. The card should not be used again until it is reformatted in the camera using the Quick or Full Format feature.
  • Quick Format of storage cards
    See the DCS Camera user guide for more information on using Quick and Full Format options.
  • IPTC Data support.
    IPTC data can now be preloaded into the camera via the DCS Host Software.
  • Intervalometer (Advanced Self Timer)
      Timer Settings:
    • Frame Count
    • Capture Interval
    • Start Delay
    • Enable: Yes or No
  • Global Positioning System support (GPS)
  • Enhanced Storage Media Support
    • Current Kodak DCS Digital Cameras currently support Type III HDD, Type III ATA Flash, Type II ATA Flash, CF+ Type II (Microdrive), Compact Flash, Sony Memory Stick.

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Changes since version 1.6.2

  • The Use Empty Folder feature has been removed.
  • New User Manual in PDF format available for current owners.
  • Fix for older Lexar card formatting.

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Compatible DCS Host Software

This firmware is compatible with KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Acquire Module and KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS TWAIN Data Source Version 5.8.2 or higher and DCS File Format Module Version 1.1.2 or higher.


This firmware version is incompatible with DCS SDK versions 1.4.2 and older. If you have applications that use the DCS SDK, it is recommended that you inform your customers not to upgrade to this new firmware version. DCS SDK 1.5.2 is now available on the Eastman Kodak Company Developer Relations web page which is fully compatible with this new firmware version. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

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Known Issues

  • The firmware is not compatible with Adobe PhotoShop version 3.0.5 or older.
  • Sony Memory Sticks require extended time to complete "Full Format".
  • When using the Dual Card option, the second card should not be inserted into the camera until the red LED has stopped blinking after insertion of the first card. Doing so will result in "Bad Card", "Invalid Card Format", or "Defective or wrong type card" error messages. Simply remove the second card and re-insert it when the red LED has finished blinking.

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Firmware Installation Instructions

Camera firmware can be installed using the DCS Host Software or from a PC Card. For installation instructions using the DCS Driver Software, please refer to User Manual. For installation using a PC Card, follow these steps.

  1. It is recommended that you connect your camera to the Kodak specified AC adapter for use with your camera or a fully charged battery. Warning: A loss of power could corrupt the firmware.
  2. Insert a PC Card into the card reader on your computer.
  3. On your computer, copy the firmware file dcs5xx.bin to the root directory of the PC Card. (Do not copy the file to a folder on the card.)
  4. Insert the PC Card into your camera.
  5. Navigate to the Main Menu on the Camera LCD.
  6. Select "Firmware" from the Main Menu.
  7. When the Firmware Menu appears, select "Update From Card".
  8. A confirmation screen will appear giving you two options. If you choose Cancel, the firmware will not be updated and you'll be returned to the Main Menu. If you choose OK, the firmware update will continue.
  9. When the firmware has been updated, a screen will appear informing you the firmware has been updated. Press "OK".
  10. Turn your camera Off, then On to start the new firmware.

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Memory Card Compatibility

The camera accepts Type II or Type III ATA compatible storage cards, including CompactFlash cards using a Type II adapter, IBM MicroDrives using IBM Microdrive Adapter and Sony Memory Sticks using a Memory Stick Adapter. Physical size of Type III media is too large to allow Dual Card option.

NOTE: Storage cards not listed below may not format correctly in the camera. The work around is to format the storage card using a PC and a PCMCIA card reader.

The following PC Cards have been tested:


  • Calluna 520MB, 521MB and 1GB
  • Calluna Type II 260MB Hard Drive
  • Integral Viper 170, 260, 340MB
  • Kingston DataPak 520MB

Type III ATA Flash:

  • SanDisk 220MB FlashDisk

Type II ATA Flash:

  • Kodak Picture Card
  • Lexar
  • Hitachi
  • SiliconTech 320MB
  • Panasonic 160M PC CARD ATA

CF+ Type II:

  • IBM Microdrive

Compact Flash:

  • Kodak Picture Card
  • Hitachi
  • Sandisk
  • Lexar

Sony Memory Stick:

  • All (Requires extended "Full format" time.)

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Camera Firmware is available on the World Wide Web

As Camera Firmware is updated, it is placed on the World Wide Web (WWW). Follow the links to find your camera from this WWW URL address:


See additional information in the DCS Host Software (either DCS Acquire Module, DCS TWAIN Data Source, or DCS File Format Module) ReadMe.

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