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KODAK DC200 Digital Camera
(Previous Version Firmware)

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TWAIN Aquire Module for WINDOWS 95/NT 4.0, April 1998

This update is intended for licensed WINDOWS users of KODAK DC200 Digital (and DC210 Zoom) Camera. It allows WINDOWS NT 4.0 operation by installing new Mounter and TWAIN libraries. This is also an update for current WINDOWS 95 users. This executable file launches a program that will install the new files into the correct destination directory.

[product] DOWNLOAD DC200 Software:
TWAIN Aquire Module, WINDOWS 95/NT4.0

Previous Version Firmware Update v1.01, Feb 1998

This firmware update provides increased power management for the camera. It will increase battery life up to 20%.

This compressed file contains the following update software:

  • latest DC200_DC210 Updater file Version 2.0
  • DC2000101.FW file
  • ReadMe.txt file

Download Installation for Windows

To install software into the default folder (DC200 Firmware):

  1. Go to the DOS prompt
  2. Change directory to the location of the file
  3. Type the following: dd0485.exe -d
    Note: The -d option is necessary to preserve sub-directories when decompressing the archive. If omitted, the files will be in one directory. See the Readme file for additional install instructions.

Download Installation for Macintosh

The file is a self extracting installer. Click the link to initiate the download, The files will be installed in a folder called DC200 Firmware.

[product] DOWNLOAD DC200 Software:
Firmware Update v1.01, WINDOWS 95/NT 429K
Firmware Update v1.01, MACINTOSH 924K

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