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Operating Manual


Take the time to read the instructions in this operating manual to become familiar with your KODAK EKTAGRAPHIC III Slide Projector and how to operate it properly.



Models III BR
and ABR Only

Important Important
Before you turn on your new KODAK EKTAGRAPHIC III BR or ABR Slide Projector, it is critical to set the voltage selector to the proper setting. Use the proper fuse for the voltage selection. See the fuse label on the back of the projector.

The voltage selector on the Kodak Ektagraphic III BR or ABR Slide Projector is located on the base of the projector. Using a small object, such as a coin, you can set the voltage selector for the proper voltage (100, 115, 130, 220, 230, and 240 V).

EKTAGRAPHIC III BR and ABR Slide Projectors have a sensing capability to automatically set the proper power cycle (50 or 60 Hz). This eliminates the need to manually change the two-position switch included on models manufactured before November 1996. These projectors are shipped with a detachable power cord that is packaged separately (not wound on the Power Cord Retainer).

A spare fuse is provided. The fuse is located in the small, pull-out storage door below the Power Inlet. Simply pull the door with your finger. Remove the spent fuse with a small object (e.g., pencil tip) by pushing the fuse up and removing it from the receptacle. Press the spare fuse into the receptacle and close the storage door.

Important Important
The EKTAGRAPHIC III BR and ABR Slide Projectors are supplied with a 3-wire grounding power cord to comply with UL122 (USA) and CSA222 (Canada) safety and electrical standards. We urge you to provide a permanent, properly installed 3-wire receptacle as the source of power for this projector. For advice and assistance, call a licensed electrician or your local power company.

When used outside the United States of America, please use a proper adapter that ensures grounding and polarization.

Although the Models III BR and ABR are approved to the standards of UL and CSA, they are not intended to meet approval in all countries worldwide.

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Operating Manual Contents

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