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Operating Manual

Reassembling the
Lamp Module

To reassemble the lamp module, you will need to align and insert each tab into its appropriate slot.

Start with the tabs in the rear of the lamp module.

Insert the remainder of the tabs into slots until all 7 tabs on the top and 2 on the bottom are secured. Insert the screw and tighten. Then insert and seat the lamp.

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Operating Manual Contents

| Important Safety Instructions | Overview | Introduction & Operation/Startup | Slide Tray | Projecting Your Slides | Editing Your Presentations | Clearing a Gate Jam | Using the Built-In Viewer | Using a Disolve Control | Shutdown | Maintenance | Changing the Projection Lamp | Cleaning the Condenser, Heat-Absorbing Glass, and Mirror | Troubleshooting | Warranty | How to Obtain Service | Special-Application Receptacle Identification Chart