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Operating Manual

Changing the Projection Lamp

Slide the power switch to Off and unplug the projector.

Allow the projector and lamp to cool for about 10 minutes. Push the lamp-module release button and remove the lamp module. You can replace it with a new lamp module or replace only the lamp.

Note Note
There is an additional safety latch, which reduces the chance of an accident with a loosely inserted lamp module, that may cause some resistance. To release the latch, you may need to apply extra effort when you pull out the module.

To replace only the lamp, lift up the lamp release clip. Carefully remove the worn lamp from the socket and place it on a heat-resistant surface.

Insert a new lamp into the socket. Push down to tightly seat the replacement lamp.

Relatch the clip in the forward position and push the lamp module all the way back into the projector until it latches.

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Operating Manual Contents

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