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Operating Manual

Using the Built-In Viewer
(Model ATS Only)

Important Important
Before opening the viewer, you must remove the projection lens from the projector. 

Removing the

Turn the focus knob to the horizontal position. Push the knob toward the top of the projector as you withdraw the lens.

Opening the

Grasp the viewer handle and pull it out from the base of the projector. It will pop into place.

Slide the power switch to lamp to project your slides.

Closing the Viewer

To close the viewer, fold it and push it back into the body of the projector.

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Operating Manual Contents

| Important Safety Instructions | Overview | Introduction & Operation/Startup | Slide Tray | Projecting Your Slides | Editing Your Presentations | Clearing a Gate Jam | Using the Built-In Viewer | Using a Disolve Control | Shutdown | Maintenance | Changing the Projection Lamp | Cleaning the Condenser, Heat-Absorbing Glass, and Mirror | Troubleshooting | Warranty | How to Obtain Service | Special-Application Receptacle Identification Chart