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Operating Manual

Clearing a Gate Jam

To remove a defective slide or foreign object stuck in the projector gate, you need to remove the tray.

  • Slide the tray release latch in the direction of the arrow, and
  • with your other hand, lift off the back of the tray.

Rotate the metal plate on the bottom of the tray until it locks into position. (For a 140-slide tray, see Loading the Slide Tray.) Put the tray aside.

Remove the slide or object from the projector gate by pressing the forward button or removing the slide manually.

Remount damaged slides to protect your projector and slides from subsequent damage.

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Operating Manual Contents

| Important Safety Instructions | Overview | Introduction & Operation/Startup | Slide Tray | Projecting Your Slides | Editing Your Presentations | Clearing a Gate Jam | Using the Built-In Viewer | Using a Disolve Control | Shutdown | Maintenance | Changing the Projection Lamp | Cleaning the Condenser, Heat-Absorbing Glass, and Mirror | Troubleshooting | Warranty | How to Obtain Service | Special-Application Receptacle Identification Chart