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KODAK CAROUSEL Slide Projector
Operating Manual


Consult this guide before calling for service.

Projector does not operate No power to projector Plug power cord into suitable electrical outlet. Set power switch to Lamp.
No illumination on screen with slide in projector gate Power switch on Off or Fan Set switch to Lamp.
Lamp burned out Install new lamp or lamp module
Lamp not seated in socket Check lamp.
Slide not in proper focus on screen focus. Slide itself not sharp Examine slide for proper focus.
First slide in tray not properly focused. Focus center of first slide manually.
Slide in different type of mount from others Focus manually.
Projection lens installed improperly Read and follow the instructions for installing the lens.
Uneven edge-to-edge focus Slide itself is not sharp Examine slide.
Curved field lens used with glass, plastic, or non-embosssed mounts Try a flat field lens. See Choosing a Curved- or Flat-Field Lens.
Curved field lens used for rear projection Use a flat field lens.
Lamp performance Install new lamp and try again.
Autofocus motor runs continuously Multi-aperture slide or matte-suface write-on slides in tray Turn off autofocus.
Autofocus fails to operate Lamp performance Install new lamp and try autofocus again.
Slide fails to drop into projection position Tray base plate not properly indexed Align the index hole and index notch.
Tray not properly positioned on projector Reposition tray on projector.
Slide mount warped or frayed at corners slide. Straighten mount or remount slide.
Projector not level or tilted too high Set projector on a stand equal with center of screen.
Uneven illumination on screen Projection lamp not fully seated Check lamp.
Condenser lens not installed or not positioned properly in mount Check condenser lens.
Slide mount not seated properly in projector gate Check slide position and slide-mount condition.
Projector won't cycle to next slide Tray not properly positioned Reposition tray.
Slide or foreign object stuck in gate See Clearing a Gate Jam.

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Important Safety Instructions | Introduction | Overview | Operation | Loading Slide Tray | Adding Your Slides | Removing the Tray | Projecting Your Slides | Forward/Reverse and Focus | Light | Slides/Lenses | Curved/Flat-Field Lens and Distance | Editing Your Presentation | Viewer/Lens | Maintenance | Changing Projection Lamp | Cleaning Condenser/Heat-Absorbing Glass/Mirror | Cleaning Continued | Reassembling Lamp Module | Mirror | Troubleshooting | Warranty | How to Obtain Service