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KODAK CAROUSEL Slide Projector
Operating Manual


To ensure a long life and trouble-free operation for your projector:

  • Allow the air to flow freely around the projector.
  • Do not recirculate warm air.
  • Keep the projector dust free.

Your CAROUSEL Projector requires no lubrication; all bearings are self-lubricating.

Projection Lamps

Included: FHS lamp, 70-hour lamp life (medium-brightness)

Sampling of other lamps:

  • EXY (200 hours/less brightness)
  • EXR (35 hours/maximum brightness)

Note Note
An EXW lamp is not recommended for older models of CAROUSEL Projectors. Contact the Kodak Information Center at 1-800-242-2424 in the U.S. or 1-800-465-6325 in Canada if you need help identifying your particular model.

Lamp Tips

  • Projector operation on line voltages above 125 volts greatly reduces the lamp life.
  • Unplug the projector before changing the lamp.

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Important Safety Instructions | Introduction | Overview | Operation | Loading Slide Tray | Adding Your Slides | Removing the Tray | Projecting Your Slides | Forward/Reverse and Focus | Light | Slides/Lenses | Curved/Flat-Field Lens and Distance | Editing Your Presentation | Viewer/Lens | Maintenance | Changing Projection Lamp | Cleaning Condenser/Heat-Absorbing Glass/Mirror | Cleaning Continued | Reassembling Lamp Module | Mirror | Troubleshooting | Warranty | How to Obtain Service