KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

Clearing Paper Jams

Kodak Professional LED II Printer 20R

20 December 2003

Step 1:

Open the paper supply door.

Step 2:

Cut the paper with scissors or a knife.

Step 3:

Open the takeup door.

Step 4:

If the paper has not already been cut at the takeup cassette area, use scissors to cut the paper in front of the take up cassette.

Step 5:

Move the right paper punch away from the paper.

Step 6:

Remove the jammed paper from the printer by pulling the paper from the paper supply area.

Note: Follow the instructions for clearing paper jams. An instruction label is on the paper supply door.

Caution: Do not use sharp objects when clearning paper jams. Do not leave small pieces of paper in the printer.

Step 7:

If necessary, wind the paper into the takeup cassette.

Step 8:

Reload the paper.

Step 9:

Close the paper supply door.

Caution: To avoid damage to the printer and the digital printer paper saver, do NOT send a command that will cut the paper unless you have removed the digital printer paper saver or you are certain that it is on the takeup side of the knife.

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