KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

Using the Calibration Utility to Optimize Color Balance

KODAK PROFESSIONAL 8500 Digital Photo Printer

Before you begin

Verify the following software is successfully installed on your MACINTOSH Computer or WINDOWS System. Software downloads are available on the 8500 Digital Photo Printer download page and are provided at no charge.

  • Firmware version 070C13.

    Note: Printers with Serial Nos. 4299 or higher have this firmware version.

  • Calibration Utility.

  • The latest driver version.


Downloading the Default Calibration Table

  1. Launch the Calibration Utility software.

  2. When a blank Printer Calibration Utility window appears:

    1. Select Printer > Select Printer > Kodak 8500 Digital Photo Printer.

    2. When the Select a Printer dialog box appears, select Printer ID.

    3. Select OK. The dialog box closes.

  3. From the Printer Calibration Utility menu:

    1. Select File > New. A dialog box appears and asks, "Create a new calibration table with these settings?".

    2. Select OK. The dialog box closes and another Printer Calibration Utility window appears.

  4. Select Send. A Send Table to Printer dialog box appears.

  5. Select Send. A Printer Calibration Utility dialog box appears stating "The printer calibration has been updated".

  6. Select OK.

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