KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

General Information

Kodak Professional RFS 3600 Film Scanner


2 October 2003



The RFS 3600 Film Scanner is a high-resolution film scanner capable of scanning color and black-and-white 35mm positive or negative film. The RFS 3600 Film Scanner uses a proprietary color imaging science developed by Kodak to generate scans with better color accuracy, clarity, and detail.

The scanner offers a user-selectable Scene Balance Algorithm (SBA), developed by Kodak, which optimizes first-time scans of color negative and reversal films for color balance and density. The scanner can batch scan a film strip from 3 to 36 frames without the need for cumbersome film gates or costly strip film accessories, and it features an intuitive user interface.


Scanning Resolution

The RFS 3600 Film Scanner scans up to 3,600 dpi optical resolution. Scanning resolution is selectable through the user interface.


Dynamic Range

The dynamic range (or optical density) is 3.6.


Color Depth of Scanned image

Color depth (or bit depth) is the number of color shades or variations that can be obtained from an image. A scanned image bests reflects the original image when the maximum number of color variations are captured. The color depth on the RFS 3600 Film Scanner is selectable between 8 bits and 12 bits per channel (Red, Green, and Blue).


Light Source

The scanner uses a long-life fluorescent lamp to provide consistent scan-to-scan image quality.


Auto Focus

The focus automatically adjusts to compensate for the slide mount thickness and any inherent film curl due to processing.


What if my Scanner Needs Service?

See Service and Support Contact Information, (TIB7056).


I Still Have Questions. How Can I Contact You?

See Service and Support Contact Information, (TIB7056).

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