KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

How to Laminate and Dry Mount a Thermal Print

Kodak Professional Ektatherm XtraLife Media


Successful lamination of prints made with Ektatherm XtraLife Media depends on the proper:
- Time
- Temperature
- Adhesive

Note: Do not use a traditional hot lamination process with Ektatherm XtraLife Media. The heat causes the dyes to migrate, which in turn causes a noticeable loss in image quality.

Dry Mounting

Successful dry mounting of prints made with Ektatherm XtraLife Media depends on the proper:
- Time
- Temperature

Adhesives are not a significant problem because they are applied to the back of the print and do not have contact with the dyes.

Dry mounting failures are often caused by excessive heat and/or time. Experiment to determine the conditions that work effectively for you.

Kodak performed limited dry mount testing using a press time of 30 seconds and temperatures of 175°F (79.5°C), 210°F (98.9°C), and 230°F (110°C). We found that Kodak Dry Mount Tissue, Type 2 and Seal Colormount Mounting Tissue demonstrate satisfactory performance with Kodak Ektatherm Print Paper.

Tips to Achieve Optimum Dry Mounting Results:

  • Use prints made with Ektatherm XtraLife Media.

  • Preheat the mat board for 10 to 20 seconds to eliminate moisture.

  • Use a tacking iron to initially bond the tissue to the print back and to maintain edge-to-edge alignment.

  • Place a clean mat board or a piece of heavy paper on the print front to protect it.

  • Insert the print into the press face-up (toward the heating element).

  • Leave the print in the press for the amount of time you have determined will give the best results.

  • Allow the mounted print to cool before use.

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