KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

Error Handling

Kodak Professional RP 30 Laser Printer
Kodak Professional SRP 30 Laser Printer

Updated 18 September 2003


An error messages indicates that a problem has occurred. More than one problem can occur at a time; however, only one error message can appear at a time. Error messages related to high-priority conditions are displayed before lower-priority conditions. You must resolve the conditions in the order in which they appear.

This bulletin outlines what to do if you encounter an error message.

General Information

Step 1:

Remove errors if the cause is known.

Step 2:

Touch Clear (if this button is shown).

Step 3:

RP 30 Laser Printer

SRP 30 Laser Printer

If required, touch the Stop button on the screen, wait until the paper transport of the printer is empty, and touch Yes to initiate a reset. The screen remains gray during the reset procedure. The duration is approximately 3 minutes.

  1. If required, touch the red Stop button on the screen to initiate a software reset. The system moves the film and paper out, stops the order in progress, and opens the Reset pop-up window containing Yes and No buttons.

  2. Important: Before continuing, wait until the paper transport in the printer is empty. Otherwise there is the risk of a paper jam. To verify that the paper transport is empty:

    • Check that no sound is coming from the printer.

    • Touch i and check the position of the prints using the Info function.

  3. When all prints are in the paper processor, touch Yes to start the reset. The system initializes the main assembly groups and deletes information regarding previous orders (such as Reorder lists). This process takes about 3 minutes.

Step 4:

If the message Reset successful appears, the work can be continued. If not, you must take further action (see Unresolved Errors).

Unresolved Errors

Step 1:

Touch the i button to open the error list. All error messages shown in the status line are saved. The list shows the error messages along with the date and time of occurrence.

Step 2:

If an error in the paper processor has not been removed, select the error message and touch Cancel selection.

Step 3:

Printer messages mainly refer to paper that has to be removed. Remove the paper.

Step 4:

Disable Show all errors so that only active errors are displayed. Remove and delete all active errors from the list with Cancel selection.

Step 5:

If the system still does not perform a reset automatically, exit the error list and touch Stop to reset the system manually.

Step 6:

If the reset is unsuccessful, open one of the front doors. This makes all relevant error messages visible again. The large error pop-up windows are displayed again.

Step 7:

If the loop - constantly unresolved errors - cannot be interrupted, press the On button.

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