KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

Red Spot in Center of Image


10 March 2006

Does a red spot appear in the center of your images? Photographers often mistake this artifact as flare from the scene or a light slightly off camera.

The red spot is caused by visible light reflecting off the sensor/film cover glass and again reflecting off the rear lens element. Recessed rear lens elements (the back of the lens is closer to the sensor/film) seem to exhibit this artifact more often.

If you find a red spot in the center of your DCR files, try one or all of the following:

  • Reduce the amount, or alter the direction, of the light coming straight into the lens.

  • Open the lens by increasing the aperture or lowering the f-stop.

  • Use a different lens.

Note: Do not flag or stop down the lens! This makes the red spot more pronounced because all the light is focused through a smaller point in the lens.

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