KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

How to Transfer an Image to a Mug

Kodak Professional Ektatherm XtraLife Media


Caution: Do not use an image that is printed on Kodak Professional Ektatherm XLS XtraLife Media because the laminate interferes with the adhesion to the mug.


  • Do not use a mug that has physical defects, cracks, or coating non-uniformity.

  • Make sure that the print image to be transferred to the mug "mirrors" the subject.

  • If the mug press applies a medium pressure, average transfer time is 3 to 3.5 minutes.

Step 1:

Place the print face down on the mug and secure it with thermally resistant tape. Place the tape on opposite ends of the print.

Step 2:

Place a piece of bond paper on top of the print and secure it with thermally resistant tape. This protects the mug press blanket.

Step 3:

Set the mug press temperature to 375°F (191°C). Wait for the press to reach this temperature.

Step 4:

Slide the mug into the mug press and apply pressure.

Step 5:

After 1.5 minutes, remove the mug from the mug press. Warning: Use oven mitts -- the mug will be hot!

Step 6:

While the mug is hot, remove any trapped air from under the print. Apply pressure at the middle of the print and move outward toward the edges.

Step 7:

Slide the mug into the mug press and heat for an additional 1.5 to 2 minutes.

Step 8:

Remove the mug from the mug press.

Step 9:

Allow the mug to air cool at room temperature.

Note: Mugs cooled by water show a 20-30% density loss and a red color shift in the transferred image.

Step 10:

When the mug is cool, remove the tape.

Tips to Achieve Optimum Results

The transfer process depends on the mug press used. To achieve optimum results:

  • If the transferred image shows low density, increase the transfer time and temperature by small increments.

  • To avoid a density loss or a red color shift in the transferred image, do not increase the transfer time and temperature beyond the optimum time (3 to 3.5 minutes).

  • If the receiver blisters following retransfer, try one or all of the following:

    • lower the temperature

    • shorten the transfer time

    • increase the pressure by small increments

  • When optimum pressure is achieved, the image density will not increase with additional pressure. Do not overtighten the mug blanket!

For best results, we recommend you use high-quality, ceramic mugs. Our testing showed good results from the following supplier:

RPL Supplies, Inc.
141 Lanza Ave, Bldg 3A
Garfield, NJ 07026
Telephone: 800-524-0914
Fax: 973-772-6601
Web site: www.rplsupplies.com

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