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How to Connect a GPS Unit

Kodak Professional DCS Pro SLR Series Digital Cameras
Kodak Professional DCS Pro 14n Digital Camera


Updated 21 September 2004


What You Need

To use Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) with your camera, you need:

  1. A GPS unit that is compliant with the NMEA standard and has a serial output.

  2. An RS232 cable (3.5 mm). We recommend that you purchase a GPS cable from the manufacturer of your GPS unit; however, there are other hardware options (see below).

  3. The latest firmware version for the camera. We recommend that you always use the latest firmware and host software version for all Kodak Professional DCS Digital Cameras. Firmware and host software downloads are provided at no charge to the customer.

Sample of a GPS Unit

Sample of a GPS Cable


How to Connect a GPS Unit to the Camera




Connect the GPS unit to the camera:

  1. Insert the plug into the test port

  2. Plug the GPS cable into the GPS unit.


Switch the GPS unit to Simulation or Demo mode.


Set the output format to NMEA.


Check the baud rate of transmission.


Power up the camera.


Select Main Menu > Serial Port > Serial In > GPS > Baud.
Choose the same baud rate from the GPS.


Select Main Menu > GPS.

The following is an example of the information that appears on a GPS unit and on the camera's Color LCD Display when a GPS unit is properly connected. The camera also captures this information as part of the image data in the Digital Camera Raw (DCR) files.

Good fix (11 sats)
Time: 13:54:18
Lat: 2513.118,N
Lon: 12138.414,E
Alt: 18.5,M


Hardware Option #1: PC Serial Interface Cable

You can use a PC Serial Interface Cable (Catalog No. 1157619). This cable is used with certain Kodak DC Cameras. You must use a null modem adapter and a gender changer. RadioShack Corporation offers the following:
- Null modem adapter (Part No. 26-264b)
- Male-to-male DB9 Gender Changer (Part No. 26-231)


Hardware Option #2: DCS Serial Connectivity Kit

Note: This kit is no longer available from Kodak.

You can use a DCS Serial Connectivity Kit (Catalog No. 8328098). The Connectivity Kit contains serial cables and adapters. The kit is used with the Kodak Professional DCS 720x and DCS 760 Digital Camera series. Because the serial port size on the DCS 700 Digital Camera series is different than the serial port size on the DCS Pro 14n and DCS Pro SLR/n Digital Cameras, you must use an adapter. RadioShack Corporation offers an Audio Adapter (Part No. 274-397) which accepts a 3/32-inch (sub mini) stereo plug and fits a 1/8-inch stereo jack (mini). The Audio Adapter allows you to plug a serial cable into the camera.


Hardware Option #3: RS232 Cable from Another Digital Camera

You can use a cable from another digital camera if you have a 2.5 to 3.5 mm adapter, or you can fabricate a cable (see diagram below).

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