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Adobe Photoshop Export Module: Error Messages

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20 December 2003



Many of the error messages displayed by the Export Module are self explanatory. The following list provides additional information about some of the more frequently encountered messages. If you do not find an error message in the list, refer to the documentation provided with your Apple Macintosh computer or Adobe Photoshop software.

A good approach for troubleshooting errors is to:

  • Check all connections.

  • Make sure the printer is in raster mode.

  • Make sure that the display shows the Ready prompt.

    If the problem persists, restart the printer and the computer. If you still have trouble, try reinstalling the Export Module.


Error Messages



Image is not in RGB Color. Convert to RGB Color in Photoshop before printing (exporting).

Change the color mode using the Photoshop Mode menu.

File is too large for the paper installed. Resize the image in Photoshop before printing.

Change the size of the image using the Photoshop Mode menu.

A printer must be selected to continue to the Print dialog box. Select a printer or use Cancel to exit Photoshop.

This message occurs when a printer has not been selected and the user is attempting to proceed to the Print dialog box from the Select dialog box. Click OK to close the error dialog box and return to Photoshop.

There are no printers found attached to the host computer.
Check the connections and power to each printer.

Verify the connections to each printer, including the SCSI cables and power cables, are properly connected.

The previously selected SCSI printer is no longer available or has been changed.

This message occurs if the SCSI printer that you selected is no longer available. Click OK to open the print dialog box.

The selected printer is not available!
Check the connections and make sure the printer is turned on or select another printer.

This message occurs when the selected printer is not connected, or is turned off, when Print is selected. Click OK to return to close the error dialog box and return to the print dialog box.

The number of border pixels exceed the maximum printer page size, reduce the number of pixels

This message occurs when the borders control causes the page limits in the printer to be exceeded. Click OK to close the error dialog box and return to Photoshop.


Other Problems



"On-Line Pages Deferred" appears, but jobs are not printing

If jobs were sent with the "Defer Print" option, the printer is waiting for more data to fill the frame store. If you wish to print these jobs in the frame store:

  1. Select the "Reprint" box in the Export Module.

  2. Set the number of copies to 0.

  3. Deselect the Defer Print key.

  4. Click Reprint in the Export Module to instruct the printer to print the frames that are currently being stored


  1. Press On/Off Line on the printer's OCP to take the printer offline.

  2. Press Menu.

  3. Follow the instructions on the printer's OCP.

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