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Specifications and Installation Information

Kodak Professional RFS 3570 Film Scanner
Kodak Professional RFS 3570 Plus Film Scanner


5 September 2003


Important Safety Information

Always power off your computer before you connect or disconnect the scanner! Do not pull on the power cord or SCSI cables to connect or disconnect the scanner -- this can cause unrecoverable damage to the internal circuitry. Use the following sequence:

  1. Power off your computer.

  2. Connect the SCSI cables.

  3. Power on the scanner.

  4. Power on the computer.


Power Requirements




120 V

60 Hz

1.0 A

100 V

50/60 Hz

1.0 A

220-240 V

50 Hz

0.5 A

Note: The scanner power supply accommodates both U.S. and International power requirements. We strongly recommend you use a surge protection device when operating the scanner outside the United States.


Scanning Resolution

The scanner offers preset and selectable custom resolutions which provide up to 2000 dpi, depending on the film size. At 35 mm, the scanner scans up to 1,000 dpi optical or 2,000 dpi dithered resolution. At 70 mm, the scanner scans up to 400 dpi optical or 800 dpi dithered resolution. The resolution you choose depends on the output you desire. Higher scanning resolutions produce larger image files. See the following examples of different scanning detail (resolution) and color combinations, and the resulting film size.

Resolution Setting (dpi)

Resulting Film Size (MB)





1000 (50%)


2000 (100%)



Film Holders

  • Holder for 35 mm unmounted film strips up to 6 frames.

  • Holder for 35 mm mounted slides up to 4 frames.

  • Holder for 120 film format (for 6 x 7 cm and 6 x 6 cm).

  • Optional holders are available for the following film sizes. Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

    • 4.5 x 6 cm

    • 6 x 4.5 cm

    • 6 x 9 cm

    • 46 mm

    • 70 mm



Built-in Autofocus.


Warm Up

None required.


Color Balance

Automatic with manual fine-tuning.


Color Depth of Scanned Image

Color depth (or bit depth) is the number of color shades or variations that can be obtained from an image. A scanned image bests reflects the original image when the maximum number of color variations are captured. The scanner initially converts analog image information into 12 bits per color. Further processing provides 8 bits per color (24 bits per RGB pixel, 16 million colors) in the final image. Gray scale or black-and-white images are also 8 bits per color (8 bits per gray scale pixel, 256 shades of gray).


Color Separation

CCD area array sensor
RGB filter wheel
Xenon strobe light


A/D Accuracy

12-bit A/D conversion


Dynamic Range

12-bits per color


Maximum DPI per Film Size


dpi at
0 Magnification

Maximum dpi

35 mm


From -20 to +10 magnification:
1720 to 2365 dpi

46 mm


From -20 to +100 magnification:
1032 to 2582 dpi

70 mm


From 0 to +100 magnification:
802 to 1604 dpi

120 mm


From -20 to +100 magnification:
802 to 1820 dpi



Apple Power Macintosh OS

Microsoft Windows based OS

Software Included

Adobe Photoshop Acquire Module

Kodak Professional RFS 3570 Plus Film Scanner TWAIN Data Source.

Interface Card

None required

ASPI SCSI host adapter card (such as those from Adaptec, Inc.) running EZ-SCSI 4.01 or later.

Software Drivers

Kodak Driver (plug-in) for use with Adobe Photoshop software.

Kodak Drivers for use with supported TWAIN compliant applications. One driver is provided for ASPI SCSI host adapter cards (see above) and another driver is provided for supported Future Domain SCSI host adapter cards.

Kodak recommends that you always use the latest host software version for the Kodak Professional RFS 3570 and RFS 3570 Plus Film Scanner. Download here.


Temperature and Humidity


Operating Ambient Range



60°F to 85° F
(16° to 29° C)

Do not power on the scanner unless it is within this temperature range. If the scanner has been stored or transported outside of this temperature range, allow it to return to within this range before powering on.

Relative Humidity

20% to 75%

Condensation may occcur if the scanner is stored or transported in cold temperatures, and then brought into a warm, humid environment.


Additional Information

  • Systems Requirements

  • Operating Systems Notes

  • Electrical Requirements

  • Regulatory Approvals

  • Dimensions

  • Weight

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