KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

How to Determine the Device Calibration Software Version

Kodak Professional RP 50 LED Printer
Kodak Professional LED II Printer 20P
Kodak Professional LED II Printer 20R

4 October 2002

General Information

When running the Kodak Professional Device Calibration Software, you're actually running two software applications. Both applications are located in the Device Application folder.

  1. The Core Application is the user interface that makes all of the calibration applications look and feel the same.

  2. The Calibration Application handles the actual calibration. The calibration applications for each device are stored in the "bin" folder.

To determine the software version you are running, navigate to the Device Application folder and open the "bin" folder.
- For Macintosh operating systems, perform "Get Info" [Apple] [i].
- For Windows NT operating systems, right click on the application and go to "Properties".

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