KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

Changing the Paper Print Width

Kodak Professional RP 50 LED Printer
Kodak Professional LED II Printer 20P
Kodak Professional LED II Printer 20R

4 October 2002

General Information

Page start values vary slightly for all three sizes of paper. To modify the print width, make a full-length print without the 76 pixel overspill on the paper width that you want to modify, then follow the instructions to calculate the new width.


Step 1:

Measure the amount of non-image white space on the edge of the full-length print.

Step 2:

Convert the above amount into a pixel value at 250 dpi (dots per inch).

Example A: 1/8" = .125" x 250 dpi = 32 pixels (rounded up)
Example B: 1/4" = .250" x 250 dpi = 63 pixels
Example C: 3/16" = .1875" x 250 dpi = 47 pixels

This is the numerical value applied to the existing page start number to center the image on the page.

Important: Note which side of the print is the front (the OCP - Operator Control Panel) and which is the back. You will need this information for Step 9. If the white space is on the front of the print, you must add it to the existing page start. If the white space is on the back of the print, you must subtract the number from the current page start.

Example: From the OPC on-line ready, press the On/Offline key to take the printer to offline-idle mode.

Step 3:

Press Menu. The main menu appears.

Step 4:

Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate to the Printer.

Step 5:

Press Start.

Step 6:

Go to Page Starts. A page start number is listed for all three paper widths.

Step 7:

Use the keyboard arrow keys to select the paper width you want to modify.

Step 8:

Press Start to highlight the first number slot in the page start value.

Step 9:

Either add or subtract the calculated pixel value (See Step 2).

Step 10:

Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate to the next number slot.

Step 11:

Use the keyboard arrow keys to change the number value in that slot to the desired value.

Step 12:

Press Start to exit the number edit mode.

Step 13:

Use the keyboard arrow keys to return to Exit.

Step 14:

Return to the main screen. When you go back online, the OCP indicates it is resetting.

Step 15:

Go to Online-Ready.

You are now ready to start printing again with the adjusted width.
Example: PPM1 page start values: starting: 47 modified: 15

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