KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

Connecting a Kodak Professional LED Printer to a Microsoft Windows NT Server

Kodak Professional RP 50 LED Printer
Kodak Professional LED II Printer 20P
Kodak Professional LED II Printer 20R

4 October 2002


When connecting a LED Printer to a Windows NT Server, the SCSI disconnection must be set to 'No'.


Before You Begin: Read the following instructions thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the procedure.

Step 1:

Reboot the computer. While rebooting, press [Control] [A] at the prompt to access the SCSI Utility.

Step 2:

Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate to Configure/View Host Adapter Settings.

Step 3:

Press Return. A Configuration window appears.

Step 4:

Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate to SCSI Device Configuration.

Step 5:

Press Return. A SCSI Device Configuration window appears.

Step 6:

Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate across the line until the selection under the SCSI ID (the one that the Printer is set to) is highlighted.

Step 7:

Press Return.

Step 8:

Select No, then press Return. This changes the setting to No.

Step 9:

Repeatedly press Esc until the message Exit SCSI Utility appears.

Step 10:

Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate to Yes.

Step 11:

Press Return. The following message appears: Please press any key to reboot.

Step 12:

Press Return.

The computer will reboot and the process is complete.

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