KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

What to Do if the Calibration Utilities and Installation Instructions CD is Lost or Broken

Kodak Professional RP 50 LED Printer
Kodak Professional LED II Printer 20P
Kodak Professional LED II Printer 20R

4 October 2002

Why the CD is important

Each RP 50 LED Printer and LED II Printer 20R is shipped with a CD. The CD contains the Calibration Utilities, Installation Instructions, and the LUT (Look Up Table) created during the last successful calibration before the printer was packed and shipped. This CD stores all the changes made in the printer since you first received it.

After you load the CD to your system, keep it in a safe place. Kodak does not maintain a copy of your original disk!

Click Here to download a free, general-use copy of the software from our Lab Printers Web page.

You can purchase a replacement CD (Catalog No. 181-0605) from your Kodak Service Representative.

Note: The replacement CD, whether downloaded or purchased, does not contain the LUT calibration information for your specific printer.

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