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Using Flash with Kodak Professional DCS 400 Series Digital Cameras

Kodak Professional DCS 410 Digital Camera
Kodak Professional DCS 420 Digital Camera
Kodak Professional DCS 460 Digital Camera

Updated 25 September 2002

General Information

When using a dedicated Nikon flash, you may need to set exposure compensation on the camera body. Take test pictures to verify proper exposure.

When using studio flash or non-dedicated flash, you must set the camera to manual exposure mode to set the proper shutter speed for flash synchronization. Use the included Nikon N90s camera manual to identify shutter speeds that work with these settings.

The shutter speed for flash synchronization with studio flash may be different from dedicated Nikon flash synchronization. Before use, test the flash at various shutter speeds to make sure it synchronizes properly with the camera.

When using the camera with a studio flash, if either the SCSI cable or the charger are connected, use an IR slave or radio slave to isolate the camera from the flash.

WARNING: Do not use flash units or flash accessories designed for dedicated use with other camera brands. This could result in damage to the camera body.

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