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How To Copy Artwork Files to Workstations Using KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Print Production Software / DP2

Save Time When Printing

If you use a server and workstations, you can increase productivity by copying artwork files to the workstations. DP2 can associate the file location you specify to find the file, which avoids moving them over the network every time they are needed.

For example, you can copy artwork files to a printer workstation. When the file is needed, retrieve it from the workstation instead of transporting it over the network.

This time savings applies only to printing. It does not apply to creating or editing layouts.

How to Create a Link to the Artwork Files

Step 1:

Copy the artwork files from the server to the workstation.

Step 2:

Start DP2.

Step 3:

On the Admin task menu, click File Locations. The File Location Data table opens.

Step 4:

On the File Location Data table, right click and select Add File Location. A new line is automatically added to the table with the Workstation name in the Computer Name field.

Step 5:

Click From Path and navigate to the artwork files on the server.

Step 6:

Click To Path and navigate to the artwork files on the workstation.

Step 7:

Click the Edit Pen to save the changes.

July 1, 2002

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